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6 Culinary Restaurant Tools That You Need In Your Home Kitchen

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If you spend any time at all in the kitchen, you likely have run into some disappointment with conventional kitchen equipment and tools. The truth is, the best culinary products and tools come from a restaurant or professional kitchen supply store. Six culinary tools to covet and find for your own kitchen are:

  1. A French-press. If you have never had coffee from a French-press, then you are missing out. A French-press or coffee-press makes rich, robust coffee, but is also popular for making teas and infused beverages. These are often found in high-end restaurants and hotels; when you taste the coffee, you will want one in your own home.
  2. Silicone potholders. Make your kitchen safe, but also stylish with silicone potholders and oven mitts. These delightful tools are great to use for a hot-pad or trivet, and they simply do not scorch or burn. These are being found widely, in a broad range of sizes, shapes, and colors.
  3. Knife-sharpening steel. If you spend a lot of money on your kitchen knives, you need a decent knife-sharpener. The best is called a 'steel' and it looks like a steel rod with a handle. These make sharpening your knives easy-work, and they look cool in the kitchen, too.
  4. A stainless-steel rasp. A rasp looks like a very fine grater with a handle, and it is perfect for zesting or shaving small foods, nuts, or spices. The fine grate is also useful for those that want the most from their food dollar; for instance, grate a tiny piece of parmigiana cheese on a rasp and see how much further it goes than a conventional cheese grater!
  5. A high-speed blender. The blenders sold in discount venues for the kitchen just are not powerful enough to crush ice and make smoothies that are the perfect consistency. Invest in a high-speed, high-horsepower blender from a professional kitchen retailer to have a blender that will process foods in seconds, and that will likely last a lifetime.
  6. A potato ricer. A potato ricer is something that you usually only see in an industrial or restaurant kitchen, and these are the key to making purees, mashes, and sauces that are the perfect consistency. Look for these at restaurant supply venues as well as in thrift or antique stores.

Visit restaurant supply stores and vendors to find these six culinary tools that you will want in your own kitchen. From the rich taste of coffee from a French-press to the unsurpassed power of a high-speed industrial blender, these high-end items will spoil you on ever using inferior kitchen products again.