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Host A Hawaiian-Themed Luau Or Event Outside This Summer

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Make the most of the warm weather by hosting an outdoor party this summer; go for a Luau-theme to take your guests on a quick trip to the tropics! Host a Hawaiian cookout or barbecue to get family and friends in the relaxed vacation vibe; without ever leaving home. Try some of the following ideas and suggestions to give your party an authentic Hawaiian flavor:

Your menu. Have your party catered so you can enjoy the festivities and friends without the work of preparing the food. Talk with local companies about your menu and make sure that they will be able to recreate the elements and flavors of a Hawaiian luau to reflect your theme. This will likely involve a large barbecue or fire-pit, so be sure your venue can accommodate this.

The theme. Create a magical Hawaiian paradise in your yard or venue using tropical flowers, plants, and water. Tell friends and guests to wear their favorite Hawaiian shirt or ensemble and gift each person with a colorful flower lei upon arrival to your party.

The fun. Plan on some fun activities to get guests in the mood for your luau. Consider hiring dancers or a teacher to demonstrate the correct way to do the hula. Play tropical music or ask around to find a musician for your event, such as a ukulele player, to add to your Hawaiian atmosphere.

The beverages. Create a signature beverage that reflects the Hawaiian theme, such as a coconut-infused martini or a piña colada for your event. Make sure that whatever beverages are served, there are some non-alcoholic options available for your guests that don't imbibe. Some other fun ideas? Make something with mango flavored rum, coconut flavored vodka, or a citrus-flavored spin on sangria using a Hawaiian wine and fresh limes, lemons, and oranges.

The favors. Pack some tulle bags with a few favors for your friends and guests that took time to attend. Fill these bags with sweet treats, shells, and perhaps a tropical-scented votive candle to stay true to your theme. Some other ideas for your favors might be coconut-scented essential oil or even coconut candies.

A festive Hawaiian luau is the perfect way to welcome warm weather and the summer season. Contact a luau catering company about putting together a menu to honor the Hawaiian culture, and to provide guests with authentic flavors that will make them feel like they are on vacation. Try these tips to plan an authentic luau that will be enjoyed by all of your guests.