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5 Tips For Buying Kitchen Equipment For A New Restaurant

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Opening a new restaurant can be a very fun and exciting venture, but it can also be costly. Purchasing kitchen equipment for your new restaurant is likely to take up a good chunk of your budget, so it is important that you pay careful attention when selecting which items to buy. Use the following tips when buying kitchen equipment for a new restaurant:

Always Buy Commercial Quality Equipment

When you're running a restaurant, it is essential to have commercial grade equipment in the kitchen. Commercial grade kitchen equipment is designed to be durable, long-lasting, and easy to keep clean. In addition, in most areas the local health department mandates that any business operating as a restaurant must use commercial grade equipment in the kitchen.

Avoid Buying Used Equipment

While the price of used kitchen equipment may seem attractive, it is in your best interest to purchase new kitchen equipment for your restaurant. The last thing you want is to buy used equipment only for it to begin breaking and wearing out shortly after you open your restaurant. When you buy new equipment you can rest assured that it is in excellent shape, and your investment will be protected by a warranty from the manufacturer.

Look for the Best Value

While most new restaurateurs have a budget that must be adhered to, cost should not be the main consideration when shopping for commercial grade kitchen equipment. It is a better idea to look at both cost and quality to ensure that you're getting the best value possible. When you outfit your restaurant's kitchen with high-quality equipment that will last that you got for a fair price, you can consider that a fair value.

Have Measurements Available

Every restaurant kitchen is a unique size and shape, so you want to make sure that you take very accurate measurements before you buy any kitchen equipment so you know that it will fit in the space available. Also, pay close attention to measuring the doorways into the kitchen-- your new equipment won't do your restaurant any good if it can't fit through the doorway to be set up in the kitchen.    

Know What the Warranty Covers

When you're spending a lot of money on restaurant kitchen equipment, it is a good idea to know the terms of the warranty and what is covered for each thing that you buy. After you make the purchase and the equipment is installed in the kitchen, place your warranty information and the receipts for the equipment in a safe place so it is easily accessible should you need it.