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Interesting Coffee Brews To Try At Home Or In The Office

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If you are a coffee fanatic, chances are good that you have tried a wide variety of flavors to see what is the best for you. You might feel as though you are bored with the flavors that you are currently offered. Here are some coffee brews to try at home or in the office to add some spice to your drink.

1. Bacon Coffee

People love bacon, and bacon tends to go well with a cup of coffee since they are both considered to be breakfast foods. To make this brew, you can either purchase a pre-made brew that is sold online or at your local grocery store or you can make it yourself. In order to give your coffee beans the bacon flavor that they need, take a few strips of uncooked bacon and place them inside of a plastic bag along with your favorite type of coffee bean. Allow these to sit together in your fridge overnight. Then, remove the bacon and throw it away and allow your beans to dry for a few hours. Finally, prepare your beans using your favorite methods and brew the coffee.

2. Protein Coffee

Another option is to hit up some coffee that also includes a decent dose of protein. You want to do this because eating protein during the day will help you avoid the mid-afternoon slump that often plagues office workers. Make sure that the protein coffee that you purchase has whey protein so that the taste of the coffee is not significantly affected. For an additional dose of protein, consider using a vanilla flavored, milk-based protein drink as a creamer rather than your usual creamer. This should help you keep the energy that you need to get as much work done as possible all day.

3. Taco Flavored Coffee

You can purchase pre-made taco coffee that includes all of the spices that you would normally find in tacos or you can make it yourself. To make it yourself, take dark coffee beans that are not flavored yet in any way and add your favorite mix of taco spices. You can purchase one of the pre-made packs of spices that are specifically designed for tacos at any grocery store. Save a little bit of the spices to add at the end if you don't think the taco flavor is strong enough. Drink and enjoy.

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