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Dining Out: 4 Helpful Tips For Ordering A Perfect Steak

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Dining out at a steakhouse is a wonderful treat. Whether visiting the eatery for a business meeting or a date, one thing is for certain: ordering a steak at a steakhouse is a must. While ordering a steak might seem like a simple task, a lot of people soon realize that it can be confusing. Unfortunately, this leads to people not enjoying their meal—or even worse, steak.

The good news is that ordering a tasty steak doesn't have to be difficult. With these four tips, you will be well on your way to ordering a perfectly cooked steak that appeals to you:

1. Size Is Important

The size of a steak is important. Unfortunately, most people don't put much thought into it. When ordering a steak, you should carefully consider the size; because size equals flavor. A larger steak needs to be cooked longer, so it will naturally have more flavor. While an eight-ounce steak is the normal size, you can get them larger. So if you and another person are wanting the same cut of steak (and you want it cooked the same) it's a good idea to order a larger, 16-ounce steak and split it. This will ensure that you both get a tasty and juicy steak. It might even save you some money, too.

2. Be Specific

Another helpful tip is to be specific when you order your steak. Don't just say how you want it cooked, as this might not yield your desired results. In addition to saying how you want it cooked, use descriptions to help the server and chef. Words such as pink, warm, or no blood can go a long way towards getting the steak cooked perfectly. So don't be afraid to be detailed when ordering, as this is actually beneficial.

If you have any specific requests, make sure you detail those as well. This might include no seasoning or extra sauce. This might also include how it is cooked, such as whether it is grilled or broiled.

3. Get Help

If you do not know how you like your steak, don't worry. You can always ask that the waitstaff choose how it is done. Just make sure you let them know if you have any preferences, such as not being bloody. Although it might be scary to leave the decision up to the waitstaff, it shouldn't be. These professionals will have usually tasted everything on the menu, so they will know what to tell the chef to ensure you get a good steak.

4. Order The Special

Another helpful tip for those who don't know what type of steak they prefer is to order the special. A lot of steakhouse chefs will have a special for every day of the week. These specials are usually important to the chef, as it allows them to shine. So be a little daring and order the daily special if you aren't sure about what type of steak to order.

Dining out is a fun and rewarding experience, so don't let ordering a steak frustrate you. With these tips and a little confidence, you are sure to enjoy a delicious steak while at the steakhouse. For more information, contact a steakhouse.