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Ready To Start Dieting? Additiond To Make Salads Crunchy And Filling

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If you are trying to eat healthy and you want to incorporate a lot of salads into your diet, make sure that all the salads you eat are healthy and filling. Avoid the croutons or pretzels when you are looking for something crunchy to pair with your vegetables and other greens, and instead try these different options to give your salads new life.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are small and crunchy, and add texture and health benefits to a variety of salads. These are high in protein, fiber, manganese, phosphorus, B vitamins and more, and they are easy to store. You can purchase chia seeds in bulk, and then just sprinkle on your salads whenever it's convenient. They can also go in cereals, mixed vegetables, and other side dishes to make the food more healthful.


Almonds aren't just going to help make your salad crunchier and filling, but they'll also help lower your cholesterol and keep you feeling fuller for longer. These nuts are packed with protein, high in minerals and fiber, and they are enjoyable mixed with entrees or even served on their own. You can add whole almonds to the salad, or you can get almond flakes and pieces if you want a more subtle taste, or if you don't like biting into a full sized almond while eating a salad.


It doesn't matter what type of salad you're having, whether it's a Cobb, Mediterranean, chicken salad or something else, small apple chunks add a lot of crunch and zest. It's easy to dice up an apple and add it to a salad to give it some bulk, and often the sweetness of the apple will give the salad balance. If you're serving something more salty, try green apples. Apples are high in vitamins and fiber, and add a lot of volume to the dish.

The more creative you get with your salad, and the more frequently you mix things up, the better it's going to taste. You can also eat things more frequently when you tweak the recipe and make changes to the taste. These are just a few great options to give the salads you dread eating a new taste, and to open your eyes to how delicious and filling salads can be. Try some of these favorites, along with dried berries, other nuts, and anything else you have already in the fridge or cupboard.