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How To Make Pre-Ground Coffee More Flavorful And Interesting

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These days, more and more people are buying whole-bean coffee and grinding it themselves rather than buying pre-ground coffee. It is true that freshly ground coffee is stronger and has more flavor than the average pre-ground coffee, but that does not mean you can't still make a great cup of coffee with the pre-ground variety! There are many different types of pre-ground coffee, including the Folgers ground coffee selection. Here are four ways to make your pre-ground coffee more flavorful and interesting.

1. Brew it in a percolator.

Many people brew their coffee in a drip coffee maker. This style of coffee maker is fast and convenient, but it does not result in as flavorful a cup of coffee as a percolator does. A percolator is a device in which the coffee grounds sit in a top compartment and the water in a bottom compartment. The water boils, and steams up through the coffee. Since the coffee and water are in contact for longer, this results in a bolder, more flavorful coffee than you get with a drip coffee maker, even when you're using pre-ground coffee beans.

2. Use a little more coffee.

Sometimes all you need to do to get more flavor out of pre-ground coffee is use a little more. If you are used to freshly ground beans and are using the same amount of coffee per cup when making pre-ground coffee, the result will be weaker. Use about a teaspoon more grounds per cup for a more flavorful result. For example, if you usually use three tablespoons of coffee to make two cups, start using three tablespoons plus two teaspoons.

3. Add a little cinnamon to the coffee.

Sometimes, you may find that pre-ground coffee tastes slightly more bitter than freshly ground coffee. Adding a pinch of cinnamon to the grounds can take away that bitterness and also add a hint of cinnamon flavor to your morning brew. Another alternative is to stir your coffee with a cinnamon stick after brewing it.

4. Use cream and brown sugar.

Another way to make coffee more interesting is to use cream and brown sugar rather than milk and white sugar. The brown sugar adds another layer of flavor, and the cream gives the coffee a smoother, more robust mouthfeel that's closer to what you get with freshly ground beans.

When you follow the tips above, you can make a truly sensational cup of coffee, even when the beans you use were ground in the store rather than in your home.