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3 Things To Look For In Whole Bean Coffee Containers

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When you purchase 11oz Colombian whole bean coffee, you want the coffee to remain fresh for as long as possible. Instead of storing the coffee in an original package or bag, you have the option to store the coffee in containers. Coffee stored in containers can provide you with more freshness and last longer. You don't have to waste beans and can enjoy the flavors as intended.

Check out some of the features to look for in containers and you will know the best way to store your whole-bean coffee purchases.

1. Air Tight Seals

Too much air exposure in coffee beans can cause the beans to lose both flavor and moisture. When you purchase a coffee container for whole beans, you want to ensure the coffee has an air-tight seal to keep the flavors in. Typically, the lids will include a small seal clasp that pushes the lid down and locks it into place.

A small filter on the top of the lid will help the CO2 escape the jar, but keep the air from coming back in. The air-tight seals will keep your coffee fresh for longer and result in better-quality beans.

2. Black Finish & Sides

Along with air exposure, you don't want sun exposure to impact your coffee beans as well. Look for a bean jar that features completely black sides and does not let any natural light in. When the jar blocks out natural light, you don't have to worry about beans losing their color and changing in any way.

While a clear jar of coffee can showcase nice visuals of the beans, those displays are ideally only for coffee you don't plan to drink in the future.

3. 11oz Size

Ideally, you want to find a coffee container that has the same amount of space as a typical bag of Colombian coffee. With a jar the exact size, you will have a good idea of how much coffee you have left and can fill the jar right to the top when you open a new bag. You don't want to have a lot of extra space in the container or waste beans if the container overfills.

As you go through the container, you will know the ideal time when to order more coffee and refill your supply. Many containers will also include labels so you can easily write the date of purchase or a specific flavor.

Keep the containers in mind as you purchase coffee online and try out a variety of whole-bean options.