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3 Things To Look For In Whole Bean Coffee Containers

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When you purchase 11oz Colombian whole bean coffee, you want the coffee to remain fresh for as long as possible. Instead of storing the coffee in an original package or bag, you have the option to store the coffee in containers. Coffee stored in containers can provide you with more freshness and last longer. You don’t have to waste beans and can enjoy the flavors as intended. Check out some of the features to look for in containers and you will know the best way to store your whole-bean coffee purchases. Read More»

Vegetarian Sandwich Ideas For Special Events

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When you are planning any type of special event, you can’t go wrong by making sandwiches the main star of the menu. Easy to eat and delicious, these handheld meals are sure to please guests of all ages, even the pickiest of kids.  If you’re a vegetarian, are inviting many guests who are, or just want to serve up a healthier entree, consider treating party-goers to vegetarian sandwiches. When it comes to plant-based sandwiches, the options are plentiful and may even be easier on your wallet. Read More»