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Four Steps To Cleaning Up In One Hour After A Big Barbeque

Hosting barbecues is one of the best parts of summer. Having your family and friends come over to eat, laugh, and reconnect makes dealing with the hot weather worth it. It is also fun to have the grilled hot dogs, hamburgers, and sides that happen mostly during barbecues. The least enjoyable part of a barbecue […]

Food For Thought: What To Eat When You Don’t Wanna Eat

Staring down at a plate of food you know you normally love to eat, it can be hard not to become frustrated when you realize you’d rather do anything than put your fork to your mouth. But what about when this struggle with eating becomes a semi-regular occurrence, and the need for food seems like […]

Host A Hawaiian-Themed Luau Or Event Outside This Summer

Make the most of the warm weather by hosting an outdoor party this summer; go for a Luau-theme to take your guests on a quick trip to the tropics! Host a Hawaiian cookout or barbecue to get family and friends in the relaxed vacation vibe; without ever leaving home. Try some of the following ideas […]

4 Ways To Use Dry Ice

When you consider dry ice, you may simply think of the fog that is produced near the ground for horror movies. However, dry ice, which is actually a solid form of carbon dioxide (CO2), has many practical uses. Dry ice can make beverages sparkle. Many people like the fizz associated with a carbonated drink. Dry […]

4 Tips For Eating Gluten-Free At A Chinese Restaurant

For celiac patients and others suffering from gluten sensitivity, eating out at any restaurant is a challenge. Chinese restaurants often pose a particular difficulty. Not only does much of the menu contain gluten, there’s also often a language barrier between you and the staff that can make detailed questions about the menu difficult. However, that […]

Ready To Start Dieting? Additiond To Make Salads Crunchy And Filling

If you are trying to eat healthy and you want to incorporate a lot of salads into your diet, make sure that all the salads you eat are healthy and filling. Avoid the croutons or pretzels when you are looking for something crunchy to pair with your vegetables and other greens, and instead try these […]

Dining Out: 4 Helpful Tips For Ordering A Perfect Steak

Dining out at a steakhouse is a wonderful treat. Whether visiting the eatery for a business meeting or a date, one thing is for certain: ordering a steak at a steakhouse is a must. While ordering a steak might seem like a simple task, a lot of people soon realize that it can be confusing. […]

6 Culinary Restaurant Tools That You Need In Your Home Kitchen

If you spend any time at all in the kitchen, you likely have run into some disappointment with conventional kitchen equipment and tools. The truth is, the best culinary products and tools come from a restaurant or professional kitchen supply store. Six culinary tools to covet and find for your own kitchen are: A French-press. If […]

Interesting Coffee Brews To Try At Home Or In The Office

If you are a coffee fanatic, chances are good that you have tried a wide variety of flavors to see what is the best for you. You might feel as though you are bored with the flavors that you are currently offered. Here are some coffee brews to try at home or in the office […]